Innovative hotel forms a new focal point for Dubrovnik

13 October 2017
  • Marko Ercegovi
  • Marko Ercegovi
  • Marko Ercegovi
  • Marko Ercegovi
  • Marko Ercegovi

Studio 3LHD




One Suite Hotel

Studio 3LHD have designed a unique hotel offering both a tailor made experience for guests and a meeting place for local residents

The recently completed One Suite Hotel, situated a couple of miles from Dubrovnik Old Town, embodies a fresh design concept by Studio 3LHD to create a place for local residents to enjoy, as well as including several innovative features to enhance the hotel experience for guests.

Studio 3LHD, a collaborative architectural studio, are particularly interested in the integration of architecture, art and urban landscape, an approach which has resulted in a series of projects and realizations in Croatia and abroad. Their philosophy is reflected in the One Suite Hotel’s main interior design feature, “Art in One”. This collaboration with prominent Dubrovnik artists turns the hotel into a kind of gallery, developing the local art scene by exhibiting artists and showcasing their creative energy.

Another innovative feature was developed by the client, Brenum, who created a unique “One Suite Hotel” app that, besides standard options (internet access, hotel check-in and check-out), guides visitors through the entire facility and permits guests to unlock their hotel room doors. It also offers maps of running and walking trails to enhance exploration of the surrounding area.

High quality natural materials have been selected for the interior: clean lines and lighter colors feature in the accommodation units, while darker tones are found in the public spaces. The furniture bears the signature of Croatian design influence. Eighteen accommodation units of varying structure are placed on two floors, with commercial and catering operations integrated into the ground floor and reception area. The site includes an electric vehicle power station and a modern conference room. On the roof, there is an infinity pool surrounded by a sunbathing deck. 

To complement the facilities, the hotel offers a tailor made experience for guests promoting green and healthy lifestyle options: a gym, massage pool and a specially-created gastronomic concept in the “Lokal” restaurant and bar. 

Throughout the interior and exterior, Studio 3LHD have created a building that interacts with the surrounding environment, enhancing it and showcasing aspects of the local area wherever possible. This concept has been adopted all aspects, with meals featuring locally sourced foods produced by family owned farms, while the bar serves local wines and craft beers. 

Outside, the hotel facade is composed of plaster with a glass granulate additive to achieve a gentle glittery/silver effect. The landscape design plans for a multitude of local plants and greenery, lavender, rosemary, giant onion, santolina and teucrium and includes the preservation of existing old olive trees. 

Lucy Nordberg


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