Campus completed for college in Peru

1 July 2024
Credit: IDOM/Rosan Bosch Studio
  • IDOM/Rosan Bosch Studio
  • IDOM/Rosan Bosch Studio
  • IDOM/Rosan Bosch Studio
  • IDOM/Rosan Bosch Studio
  • IDOM/Rosan Bosch Studio

IDOM/Rosan Bosch Studio




IDOM design elementary school with emphasis on outdoor learning

The inauguration ceremony has taken place for a new elementary school campus at the Markham College in Lima, Peru. Deeply rooted in the combination of its British heritage and Peruvian identity, the college aspires to champion educational excellence and pedagogical innovation. The campus design - developed by IDOM in collaboration with Rosan Bosch Studio – fits into the school’s ethos with a flexible and future-proof learning environment, maximising the possibilities for outdoor learning. 

Externally, the structure has a virtually blind façade covered with bamboo slats that protect the interior from the sun, while give the building a warm appearance. The campus is conceived as a learning landscape that seeks to enhance the skills of each student, in an environment where education and nature go hand in hand. Manuel Andrades, architect in charge at IDOM, states: "We designed the new campus as a series of relationships with the landscape, dissolving the boundary between inside and outside. We wanted every space to be a base for learning, from the roof with its green spaces to the relationship of the sports spaces to the access area. We wanted to make it possible to use the spaces for different activities throughout the day, creating a flexible and connected base so that this could happen naturally.”

“The physical spaces that we inhabit form us and define us. As all humans are natural-born critical and creative thinkers, learning spaces must support smart, self-motivating, curious and brave, self-confident, happy, and empathetic learners. The physical space is a powerful educational tool", added Rosan Bosch, giving an insight into the project's philosophy.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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