Winners announced for Prerov Town Hall transformation

30 March 2021
  • Anagram/Gruppa
  • Prerov Town Hall before its transformation
  • Anagram/Gruppa
  • Anagram/Gruppa




Czech Republic

Anagram and Gruppa create new image for outdated building

The winners have been announced in the competition to transform an existing building into a town hall for Prerov, a city in the Czech Republic. Anagram and Gruppa took first place with a design that creates an entirely new image for the building, which was constructed in 1969 as the headquarters of the District Construction Company at a time of political struggle for the region. Situated in a historic square, the building changed in use over the years but was generally considered by residents as a poor fit for the location. Last year, the council bought the building with the intent to repurpose it as a town hall, initiating the design contest that called for a transformation to emphasise the building’s new role and its connection to the community.

The six-storey building is currently composed of a repeated structural system – a concept intended to deliver flexibility and efficiency - and will accommodate almost 5000 sq m of offices and public amenities. In the new design, the architects have maximised the potential of the adjustable workspace. “The individual floors have a very flexible layout and employees will have the opportunity to create their own workspace. The diagonal atrium and stairs define the most public part of each floor – leaving the rest for employees," reads the design statement. 

As well as improving the interior for workers inside the town hall, the architects aim to create a landmark for the city. The façade has become transparent, playful and interactive, in a bid to improve the conflicted relationship that citizens have with the current structure. A feature called the connector houses the main stairs that cross the entire building, enabling easy communication between departments. The steps also help to undermine the structure’s monumental character, making it more visually appealing. At the top of the connector, an entrance point leads to the terrace and café, which act as contemporary viewpoints for both visitors and town hall employees. Přerov Mayor, Petr Metrsky, stated that the building “is not only the seat of office, but also a place where Přerovans will meet. Overall, this new form should contribute to the revival of the city centre."

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

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