MVRDV bridges gap between old and new

8 February 2018



Concept revealed for new Dianpu river crossing

Last August, Shanghai Zhujiajiao Urban Construction Company released a call for a new bridge across the Dianpu River. A shortlist of five design teams were invited to the solicitation, with MVRDV now announced as the winner of the selection process with their concept, Dawn Bridge.

MVRDV were influenced by both the traditional and modern aspects of the site, located between recent residential developments and Fangsheng Bridge, a local landmark dating from 1571. The new structure will feature a pedestrian deck and landings inspired by the reddish wood used in nearby housing, whilst the trees on top of the deck are similar to those growing on Fangsheng Bridge.

Wenchian Shi, Partner at MVRDV, noted that the design maximised the practical potential of the new structure as well as blending in with the surrounding area, saying: “Beyond blending, we wanted to create a bridge that invites public life over and around it and that is accessible to all people, whether on foot or on wheels.” To this end, and to minimise pollution from the road section, the middle truss is cladded and covered by a deck where people can gather for meetings and experience picturesque views of the river and old town. 

Completion is expected in 2019.

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Research Specialist & Editor

This tender was first published by TenderStream on 08.08.2017. See the original brief here

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