CBDX contest winners imagine an equitable ‘City for All’

23 February 2021
Credit: Lagos Amphibious City
  • Lagos Amphibious City
  • Brewing Flower Power
  • Process Not Product



Calgary, AB


University of Calgary reveal results for design ideas competition

The University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL) has announced the results of the international design ideas competition CBDX: Cities for All. The contest - the first in a planned series - called for designs that answered questions about how to create a more just and equitable city for residents, while taking into account the immediate challenges of the ongoing global pandemic and the long-term problems of environmental degradation and climate change. 

The jury selected 3 winners from 142 entries. The design 2050 Lagos Amphibious City by Gi Chul Choe, Joanne Li envisions a new Lagoon City along the interior coastline of Victoria Island that ensures affordable housing and food security for both displaced and existing populations under climate change and the pandemic. Brewing Flower Power by Diana Guo, Joanne Li, and Tian Wei Li recalls the geometries of the first tearooms run by women, such as the Willow Tea Room in the U.K., to create a Winter Teaporium celebrating the important role of tearooms in advancing women’s rights and the feminist claim to public space since the 1800s. Process not Product by Mattie Wong imagines a design school for higher education that faces history while embracing future possibilities, with a proposed campus that responds to and meets the needs of the community in the Anacostia neighbourhood of Washington, DC.

Dr. John L. Brown, PhD, SAPL dean, stated: “The climate crisis and social inequality have converged against the backdrop of a pandemic, prompting us to rethink the way cities are being designed, built and operated. It is an opportunity for architects, planners, landscape architects, and other creative practitioners and students to imagine how we can make our futures better for everyone. The ideas generated from this competition offer a glimpse into how a city for all might look, how it might operate, and how it might come into being.”

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

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