Bashan Park Belt, Shenzhen, China

16 February 2021
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MLA+ reveals the beauty of nature while protecting its magic

In March 2020, MLA+, together with Shenzhen based Landscape Architects HOPE and supported by MORE Landscape, was declared winner of the international design competition for the 50 km-long Banshan Park Belt in Shenzhen’s Yantian District. 

Often landscape design projects are about creating scenery, landscapes and sensation. The winning project ‘Listen to Yantian’ takes a different approach. With its splendid views to the sea, its waterways and its natural setting, it is all already there. Therefore, a system of routes, access and observation points was proposed. They allow the revelation of the existing beauty of nature while protecting it at the same time. 

The new Banshan Park Belt achieves this through three major elements, namely the ‘rhythm’ of four zones, the ‘network’ of routes and ‘100 follies’ to experience the relationship of mountains and sea. 

‘Rhythm’ is a functional division of the Banshan mountain. The four zones are designed for different target groups, with corresponding activities and landscape strategies. The ‘Network’ is the upgrading and extension of the Fire Patrol Road system as the traffic backbone of Banshan Mountain Park. 

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