Progress on school reconstruction in Gallipoli

4 October 2023
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ATI Project create sustainable and flexible layout for institute replacement

The demolition and reconstruction of the 'Amerigo Vespucci' Technical Nautical Institute in Gallipoli is now underway, marking the start of works to create a new school complex on the site. Designed by Tenderstream member ATI Project, the development concept responds to current educational needs while respecting sustainable building principles, as well as balancing the facility’s function as a school with its use by the wider community.

The demolition works, which will be carried out by Sdi srl of Rome, and the subsequent construction of the new Institute, are an integral part of an ‘innovative schools’ funding programme, which aims to promote the creation of educational centres exemplifying the highest design standards in architecture, technology and energy efficiency.

ATI Project created a layout that develops on three levels, with the building appearing as a monolithic block of local stone, in which a system of terraces and entrances are carved to enable specific pathways and sightlines throughout the structure. The external envelope is characterised by a system of flares that focus the gaze on the surrounding maritime landscape, while mitigating sunlight in the educational spaces.

The interior spaces are designed around educational needs, but are also open to the community and social participation. Mobile partition systems allow for a high degree of flexibility as needs change. The layout makes the main functional components independent and autonomous, including the agora, the gymnasium - open to local sporting events - and the cultural centre, which promotes the idea of a school as a possible catalyst for social and urban life in the contemporary city.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

This tender was first published by Tenderstream on 18.02.2022 here

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