Progress on new pier for Schiphol Airport

25 August 2022
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BAM to complete sustainable facility designed by cepezed

The new pier at Schiphol Airport has moved a step closer to opening, with the award of the completion to BAM Bouw en Techniek. Designed by Tenderstream member cepezed and cepedzed interior within the engineering team of AECOM, Pier A will have the characteristics of a terminal, such as security filters, border control, shops and catering. Its arrangement over three floors separates travellers with different border and security status, enabling its use by a wide range of destinations and airlines.

The design had to be completed in just one year, anticipating two subsequent design phases and considering the particularly complex requirements of the airport. Unique to Schipol and rare in international aviation, aircraft of different sizes and capacities will use the same gatehouses at the new pier, directly linked to various control and security regimes. A further complication was created by the need to accommodate the large number of stakeholders, including the airport’s own operations, consumers and asset management departments together with airlines, military police, customs and government agencies. 

For optimum comfort, cepezed focused on a high level of processing efficiency and quality of experience for passengers, creating an attractive place to linger with many amenities, such as shops and restaurants. Waiting areas do not belong to a specific gate, with travellers choosing where they prefer to sit and rest. 

The pier has been designed to align with the international sustainability label LEED Gold. The floor finishes are bamboo or lightweight composite on the basis of marble debris, while the ceilings are made from recycled plastic. The façades are highly insulating and climate-adaptive, while the roofs of the pier and gatehouses support solar panels.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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