NP2F with L’Effet Urbain win Reinventing Paris II

31 January 2019
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Innovative sports hotel to include inflatable structures

In 2017, the second edition of the “Reinventing Paris” competition was launched, following the success of the original 2014 contest which sought innovative urban design proposals for 23 sites across the city. The second call focussed on areas linked to Paris’ underground spaces, including the Centre de Répartition Laumière, a former electrical substation. Now, the offices of NP2F architectes and L’Effet Urbain have been announced as the winners for this site, with their proposal for an urban hotel dedicated to sports and sportspeople. The team partnered with Hans Walter Muller, who incorporated his trademark inflatable structures within the design.

The substation is part of the city’s industrial heritage, with its role in the area underscoring the broader theme of energy which inspired the winning team. The challenge was to execute the vision while respecting the building’s listed status. As Jean-Louis Missika, deputy mayor of Paris, explains: “Remaking the city on top of the city is a delicate act of urban couture.” To this end, the concept preserves the existing street façade, vertical structural elements and the flooring on the ground floor. The new hotel functions will be slipped inside this infrastructure, both conserving it and enhancing it through the use of ecological materials. 

The former substation façade, comprised of heavy and massive stone, will rise to lighter wood and glass on the intermediate layer. Above, the aerial quality of penthouse is achieved through the use of an inflatable structure, created with the assistance of Hans Walter Muller. Another inflatable sphere on the intermediate terrace will illuminate the restaurant and enable to guests to practice sports all year round. Inside, the facilities cover a comprehensive range of sports activities for all levels of ability, from a studio where vistiors can receive bespoke coaching from athletes in residence, to a mental training area for professional sportspeople preparing for major events.

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

This competition was first published by TenderStream on 31.05.2017 here

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