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4 April 2018
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Winners announced for residences in central Riga

MJP have announced their selection for a new student-led development in the historic centre of Riga, located to serve the city’s numerous higher education institutions. The project is integral to regeneration plans for the district and will provide new community facilities, a mixed-use ground floor and over 600 study bedrooms designed in a variety of room types. Jason Allen, Chairman of project developer SIA Spire Baltic, said: “We look forward to working with MJP, drawing on their considerable experience, to bring a new standard of student housing to Riga.”

A key part of the proposal is the creation of a new public plaza beside an existing pedestrian thoroughfare, in addition to a more cloistered private space for residents. Michael Ritchie, MJP Director, stated: “The aim of the design is to provide high quality accommodation that will attract students and enhance their experience of University life. A new external plaza will create a vibrant and active social space for the residents and wider public, in contrast to the more private and tranquil inner courtyard.”

The façade design also takes into account this dual role serving both the public and students, with the sides facing the street reflecting elements from the city’s art deco buildings. The courtyard facades are more formal, relating to the calmer environment of the residences.

The reception acts as a porter’s lodge to control access to the student accommodation. Once inside, the design enhances the experience of moving through the building, with the stairs located on the external facades in order to maximise the use natural of light and form an attractive place for people to stop and talk when meeting in the public areas.

Lucy Nordberg

TenderStream Research Specialist & Editor

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