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30 June 2020
Credit: Fraser Brown MacKenna
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London borough development programme moves forward

Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects has submitted plans for a 12-storey residential block on the Rennie Estate in South London, forming part of the fourth phase of the London Borough of Southwark’s New Homes Development Programme. The Council hopes to build 11,000 council homes within a generation, and is keen to maximise opportunities for new housing on available land. The proposals provide 49 high quality homes across the 0.26 ha site, formerly occupied by garages and a car park. All homes are for council tenants, with 50% reserved for local residents. 

The building is designed to help to avoid single aspect units entirely, with 75% of the new homes dual aspect and 25% triple aspect. The overall form responds to the adjacent Trevithick House and Landman House tower blocks by repeating their rhythm. A new landscaped area and link to the Galleywall Nature Reserve and Barlow House will improve access, with the footprint of the building set back from the existing trees. Estate-wide improvements to the landscape and public realm have also been proposed, to benefit both new and incoming residents to the Rennie Estate.

Fraser Brown MacKenna has been accepted onto Southwark Council’s architectural design framework, which is made up of large, well-known firms together with smaller but pioneering new architects. Councillor Leo Pollak, Cabinet member for New Homes, Great Estates and Social Regeneration, stated: “Southwark is on a journey towards building 11,000 new council homes within a generation, and as we are expanding and accelerating our programme we are also bringing on new sites on existing land, as well as buying up small and large sites for new housing estates. We want to put the message out that there are really great opportunities for designers who want to help shape the future built environment of Southwark, across at least 50 new sites over the coming years.”

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

The Southwark Council framework notice was first published by TenderStream on 19.23.2019 here 

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