Designs revealed for new health campus in East Brabant, the Netherlands

14 June 2024



East Brabant


UNStudio create ambitious masterplan for innovative healthcare facility

The design created by UNStudio for a new health campus in East Brabant, the Netherlands - in collaboration with VANDENHOEK Masterplanners, Bouwaccent Vastgoedontwikkeling and Baljon landschapsarchitecten - has been adopted by Necron Group AG and Gemeente Land van Cuijk. Campus Boxmeer promises to be an innovative health hub — a space where leading companies, educational institutions, commercial services, and healthcare facilities come together to collaboratively work towards the future of healthcare.

This ambitious masterplan rests on four design principles intended to promote functionality, while stimulating a harmonious and inspiring living and working environment. For one of the principles, green takes centre stage, with the pulsating heart of the campus  consisting of two interconnected landscaped spaces, with existing eastern green near the hospital connected to a new park on the western side, surrounded by construction clusters.

Following another of the design principles, spaces form a cohesive whole. The Promenade, a route along the edges of the central park, connects most clusters. For pedestrians and cyclists, this aims to be an inviting route, where cars yield right of way. The choice of materials and design emphasizes that this is predominantly a pedestrian and cyclist area, contributing to a dynamic and healthy living environment. 

Another principle specified that an integrated parking solution should be incorporated into the design. Compact, sustainable parking structures strategically integrate into selected clusters, while additionally serving as meeting places. Accessible only via roads intended for destination traffic, emergencies, and rescue services, these parking facilities result in a safe and appealing environment for active mobility.

Overall, the masterplan adheres to the fourth principle adopted for the design, which states that interaction and exchange are encouraged throughout the hub. The healthcare of tomorrow is not only realised in innovative buildings, but also in a thoughtfully designed, green and inspiring environment where encounters and collaboration take centre stage.

Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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