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23 April 2024

Highlights from the Week

This week, Tenderstream has curated and published 247 architectural design business leads and competitions from around the world, with our members receiving full details of every opportunity relevant to their practice. To find out if our service could be of use to you, simply sign up to a free trial here.

In North America, architectural services are required for a new national dance centre, as part of a feasibility study to determine the best way to create a space that is a model of sustainability and community connection with high social value, while also contributing to the significant need for new housing within a major metropolitan area.
In Europe, a design competition has been launched for a new iconic forum for collaboration between experts in the realms of science, civil society, business, politics and culture. With 14,000 sq m of usable space and a construction cost of 103m EUR, the overall concept must integrate the building into a high-quality open space that links to a future public park.
Our research team has also identified many other exciting opportunities, just some of which are highlighted below.
Architects are sought for the upgrade of the one of Europe's most important concert halls, with tasks for the 40m EUR project including re-organising the existing space and providing options for its expansion. Also in Europe, designs are sought for a new exhibition space at a National Museum of Natural History that will explore Earth's origins.
Elsewhere, in Asia, a tender has been released for architectural services for the next phase of a museum development, which covers 2.75 ha and involves the adaptation of 19 historical buildings. The site’s proposed main building is set to open in 2029.
In Africa, a design competition is taking place for a new conservation centre, envisioned as an innovative and engaging facility that aims to educate, inspire and create awareness about conservation and the area's unique ecosystem.
In the UK, a council is seeking exceptional architects to embark on a major programme to revitalise a performance and community building, in order to secure its long-term future as an important cultural, entertainment and leisure facility. In the US, a university has issued a request for proposals for the design of a 45-60,000 sq ft flexible, multi-purpose academic building, with an iconic façade that will also be consistent with the materiality of the campus.
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Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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