286 new architectural opportunities published on Tenderstream

1 May 2024

Highlights from the Week

This week, Tenderstream has curated and published 286 architectural design business leads and competitions from around the world, with our members receiving full details of every opportunity relevant to their practice. To find out if our service could be of use to you, simply sign up to a free trial here.

Just some of the exciting opportunities identified by our international research team are highlighted below.
In China, an international urban design competition has been launched for the country's first fully digitalised smart city. The design should accommodate new modes of living and working, not through the creation of landmark skyscrapers, but in complex multi-dimensional patterns that cater to diverse needs. 
In Europe, a tender has been released for a new 100,000 sq m building as part of an ongoing development at a university hospital. The large-scale building will include a children's hospital, adolescent & adult psychiatry units, biomedical research laboratories, a dentistry centre, and areas for logistics and general facilities. 
In the same European country, a university is seeking a design team for a new veterinary medicine building, housing areas for education and research, as well as anatomy and pathology laboratories. Elsewhere in Europe, preliminary studies are planned for an athletics complex, which will include the redevelopment of the adjacent road to accommodate a sports & leisure park. A competition is being held to upgrade a town's cultural centre, together with its immediate surroundings, in order to meet modern standards. 
In the UK, a city council is seeking to procure a residential development partner to deliver mixed tenure housing schemes on a number of sites within the council’s ownership. In the US, city authorities have has released a request for qualifications from experienced urban design consultants to complete a masterplan for an innerbelt area, with a view to removing, retrofitting, or mitigating transportation facilities that create barriers to community connectivity. 
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Lucy Nordberg
Tenderstream Head of Research

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